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Bou is a new-school brand company for those creating something novel, radical, or flat out weird. Our next communications hire is most likely someone who writes headliner stories and ties brands to bigger phenomena.

Working at Bou

When joining Bou, you'll get to work directly with our 100+ brands, ranging from early-stage companies to more established brands, universities, and nonprofits. And we really do mean directly – we don’t have key account managers or pure strategists at Bou. You'll become a part of an all-hands-on-deck team building brands through marketing, communications, design, and web development.

Your daily tasks

In this yet-to-be-defined communications & PR role at Bou, your typical day might include copywriting for a creative campaign or a punchy op-ed, shaping the brand narrative of an emerging product or company, or seizing ad hoc PR opportunities. Or maybe you’ll lead a rebranding project that combines communications with marketing selling points, visual identity and web development.

We work across four domains and shift focus to whatever the brand needs the most – so even if communications is your strong suit, we hope that you’re comfortable venturing beyond your home turf.

Required skills

  • 3+ years previous experience in communications – this could mean working at an agency, in-house, or in the field of journalism
  • Excellent writing skills and mastery of tone of voice – you’re quick at digesting new information and wired to turn it into a provoking story, regardless of the format
  • Ability to match brands with bigger picture – you shape brand image by finding creative ways for brands to engage in surrounding conversations
  • Client communications and project management experience – you keep a cool head under pressure, and can give and take candid feedback well
  • Hunger to learn from a wide range of industries – we build brands for a great variety of products and companies, from handcrafted coffee to mobile games and waste-sorting robotics
  • Strong written and spoken English, native in internet – Nordic languages are an advantage but not a necessity


We acknowledge that finding a person who ticks every box is pretty challenging. That’s why we prefer an “If I don’t know, I’ll figure it out” -attitude over having a perfectly matching CV & portfolio.

Note that we keep updating this job description to match our current needs. If this version sounded good to you, let's talk during summer. When we have an optimal candidate, it's just about finding the right time to join forces (though as our hands are pretty full, we hope you could start already in fall).

Send your open application to (or if you rather work as a freelancer, submit your profile here)

Last updated July 1, 2021