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Bou is a new-school brand company for those creating something novel, radical, or flat out weird. As we are growing, we’re looking for PR-oriented brand builders with a sharp pen and brains wired for tech.

Working at Bou

When joining Bou, you'll get to work directly with our 70+ brands, ranging from early-stage startups to the fastest-growing scale-ups and to more established companies, universities and non-profits. You'll become a part of an all-hands-on-deck team building brands through marketing, communications, design, and web development.

Your daily tasks

Working with PR and communications at Bou, your typical days include tasks like planning and executing PR strategies, building media relations, and writing life into brand identities. But don’t get too comfy: our team adapts quickly to changes and always shifts the focus to whatever the brand needs the most.

Required skills

  • 2-4 years previous experience in PR and communications – this could mean working in-house, at a consultancy, or in the field of journalism
  • Excellent copywriting skills – you’re quick at digesting new information and are wired to turn it into a compelling story
  • The ability to roll up your sleeves and get tactical – we don’t have above-all directors or pure strategists at Bou
  • People business is your business – you have previous client communications and project management experience or are eager to learn head-on and face even the stickiest situations all smiles
  • Hunger to learn from a wide range of industries and technologies – we build brands for a great variety of companies, from handcrafted coffee brands to quantum computing giants
  • Strong written and spoken English – Nordic languages are an advantage, not a necessity


We acknowledge that finding a person who ticks every box is nearly impossible. But if you felt these definitely are your shoes to fill, show us what you got. And show us your passion to grow as well, because more than anything, we are looking for those "If I don’t know, I'll figure out" -type of brand builders.

Note also that we keep updating this description to match our current needs. If this version was spot on, act now.

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Last updated March 31, 2021