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Bou is a new-school brand company for those creating something novel, radical, or flat out weird. We’ll be hiring again soon, and the following description is our best shot at portraying our next marketing team member. Apply now

Working at Bou

When joining Bou, you'll get to work directly with our 100+ brands, ranging from early-stage companies to more established brands, universities, and nonprofits. And we really do mean directly – we don’t have key account managers or pure strategists at Bou. You'll become a part of an all-hands-on-deck team building brands through marketing, communications, design, and web development.

Your daily tasks

Our next marketing team member would optimally jump right into leading brand work for a client or two – in addition to building brands hands-on. The leading part means guaranteeing that our creative work is perfectly aligned with the brand, keeping the client happy, and managing projects in a smooth manner. The hands-on part would be focused on concepting, planning, writing and/or managing campaigns with a creative yet analytical mindset. This hands-on part can be modified to match your skills and interests – just note that there are no pure strategists or account directors at Bou.

Required skills

  • 5+ years of marketing experience – your current title might be brand marketer, campaign planner, senior creative, or something similar (and your next title could be a growth company CMO, but for now, you prefer the variety in projects and brands that Bou can offer)
  • Strategic understanding, hands-on execution – you understand the strategic level of branding but feel most at home when applying those insights into concrete assets and deliverables
  • Versatile marketing skills – you can generate clear concept-level ideas, turn them into coherent campaigns, run them on different channels, and draw learnings from their (usually stunning) results afterwards
  • 2+ years of client communications and project management experience – you keep a cool head under pressure, and can give and take candid feedback well
  • Hunger to learn from a wide range of industries – we build brands for a great variety of products and companies, from handcrafted coffee to mobile games and waste-sorting robotics
  • Strong written and spoken English, native in internet – European languages are an advantage but not a necessity, and having worked with international brands is considered a plus


We acknowledge that finding a person who ticks every box is pretty challenging. That’s why we prefer an “If I don’t know, I’ll figure it out” -attitude over having a perfectly matching CV & portfolio. We’ll keep updating this job description to match our current needs.

Note that this is an open application, and we’re not actively hiring just yet. But when we do, it would be very nice to have your open application in our inbox:

Last updated June 14, 2022