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Bou is a new-school brand company for those creating something novel, radical, or flat out weird. Our next operations hire is most likely someone who has a natural drive towards streamlined processes and knows the value of a high NPS.

Working at Bou

When joining Bou, you'll get to work directly with our 100+ brands, ranging from early-stage companies to more established brands, universities, and nonprofits. And we really do mean directly – we don’t have key account managers or pure strategists at Bou. You'll become a part of an all-hands-on-deck team building brands through marketing, communications, design, and web development.

Role: Operations

In this role, your typical days would include various tasks from client relationship management, planning team’s resourcing for upcoming months, managing a project portfolio, general business development, tweaking internal processes for the better or supporting brand teams in their work.

Succeeding in this role likely requires:

  • Strong analytical mindset & problem solving skills – You are extremely well-structured in your ways of working and spread clarity around you. You enjoy turning complex challenges into pragmatic solutions.
  • Energetic and persistent soul – You are not the first person to give up and point fingers when “it” hits the fan, but rather bring energy to people around you.
  • Preferring Excel over Powerpoints – Your ways of working are supported best with some beautiful spreadsheets to explain your approach.
  • Result-driveness and excitement for building new things – You simply want to see progress. You have a solid track record of bringing new things to daylight, let it be growing small side projects, teams or even companies from point A to point B.
  • Great understanding on business development – You might have work experience in sales or consulting and thus, you have seen how companies work and can understand the drivers behind different stakeholders. You’ll easily grasp how to structure a pitch for a new idea or put together a solid sales proposal.
  • Hunger to learn from a wide range of industries – we build brands for a great variety of products and companies, from handcrafted coffee to mobile games and waste-sorting robotics.
  • Strong written and spoken English, native in internet – Nordic languages are an advantage but not a necessity, and having worked with international brands is considered a plus.


We acknowledge that finding a person who ticks every box is pretty challenging. That’s why we prefer an “If I don’t know, I’ll figure it out” -attitude over having a perfectly matching CV & portfolio.

Send your application to by February 28.

Last updated February 10, 2022