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We work with world-class brands, which is why we hire world-class talent. By that we mean kind, driven, and curious people who love what they do, and do it very well. And who respect everyone they work with, be it colleagues, clients, or competitors.

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The Bou Principles

Call it like it is

We believe that feedback is the highest form of caring – and we care a lot. We speak our minds whenever there’s a chance to learn and make each other’s work even better. Good intentions allow full honesty: we’re as direct with constructive criticism as we are with positive feedback. Our way of giving feedback is candid but never rude.

Love the craft

We are genuinely passionate about what we do. It shows through things like an extreme eye for detail, vivid debates, and being the biggest critics of our own craft. Creative work can never be perfect, but we still aim for it.

You dare me, I dare you

Daring ideas come from daring teams. We’d rather shock with boldness than please with the ordinary. We dare to challenge our clients and colleagues, and they dare to challenge us. In the end, we may disagree but will always commit to the final decision entirely.


Laughter brings the best out of our team and clients. When we can laugh and joke around, we feel comfortable sharing our boldest and weirdest ideas. When we can be our true, silly selves at work, we can probably address the hardest things pretty well too. So come as you are, laugh like you do: we take our work seriously, but ourselves, not so much-oh.

Good to know upon applying

Independent brand teams

Our brand teams have both freedom and responsibility to make decisions independently. That's because they are closest to the client, and have the most information about the case at hand. Independent brand teams are simply the best way to organize creative work we have found so far.

No pure strategists or account managers

The way our teams are structured means that we don’t have anyone who only does strategy or account management. Instead, every brand team has a Brand Lead. They make strategic decisions, act as primary points of contact for the client, and participate in daily brand work with their hands-on skills.

Concept is nothing without execution

We don’t think concepting is a separate part of the creative process. A good concept is a good concept, but even the best concept is worthless without the best execution. That’s why no one at Bou specializes in the “big picture” or “early phase” only. When we create concepts, we also follow them through and ensure they go live like planned.

Application process

Your likely next steps



Apply to one of our open positions or send us an open application. Remember to attach your portfolio or any work examples you can share. That certainly helps you stand out.


Interview with People Operations

A chance to get to know each other better and answer any questions you have about Bou, our culture, and the role you’re applying for.


Interview with Domain Lead

A relaxed Q&A chat with your potential future domain lead. This is where we focus on your role at Bou and make sure that your career plans & ambitions match with the role requirements.


Case exercise

Simulation of your usual work at Bou where we both can walk the talk: us showing what it’s like to work at Bou, and you showing us that you have what it takes.


Chat with our CEO

After a successful case exercise, it’s time to chat with our CEO. This is your chance to ask any questions that you still might have about our culture, ways of working or future direction. Because we hope you’re in it for the long run.


Reference calls

We do take your word for it, but we also appreciate your former colleagues’ and supervisors’ recommendations very much. Give them a heads-up that if Bou is calling, it’s not a scam.



Deciding when you start and signing the work contract. Once the signatures are on paper, the application process has successfully ended, and your onboarding process begins. Welcome to the team.

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