Headquartered in Sweden, Polestar is a premium electric performance car brand on a mission to accelerate the change towards the post-petrol era. Polestar stands out with its purist design approach and radically transparent take on sustainability – and with some quite unforeseen brand building activities too. That’s where we hop in: to strengthen Polestar’s brand image and raise awareness among new audiences.


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Raising brand awareness through earned media

Polestar has a strong brand image and brand awareness, especially among car geeks and automotive enthusiasts. We help Polestar tell their story to an even wider audience through earned media and brand activations – focusing on themes like sustainability, design, lifestyle, business and technology. So far, you may have spotted Polestar in international and local headlines, TV appearances, and several eye-catching brand campaigns. Maybe even in a treehouse in the middle of wilderness.

Polestar Snowspace
Polestar Snow Space

PR and communications that go beyond traditional coverage

Our channel-agnostic approach to communications & PR means that we look beyond the traditional coverage: we have our eyes on influencer collaborations, event visibility, and surprising test drive experiences, to name a few. Having tested the car ourselves, we can say it really is worth a drive. Or two. Or three. Or…

Polestar Image 3
Polestar Image 3

Continuous collaboration, high variety of branding activities

Our weekly tasks include – but are not at all limited to – running always-on PR, nurturing media relations, planning brand activations, supporting product launches, training spokespersons for interviews, monitoring earned visibility, and so on. Whenever a new brief comes our way, we’re always geared up and ready to go. Maybe not 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds like Polestar 2, but almost.

Polestar Image 4

“Bou’s unconventionally holistic approach to PR is exactly what brands like Polestar need.”

Martin Österberg, Head of Marketing & PR at Polestar Finland

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