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Open position · Helsinki / London


Bou is a new-school brand company for those creating something novel, radical, or flat out weird. We’ll be hiring again soon, and the following description is our best shot at portraying our next marketing team member.

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    Basic information

  • Position:Full time
  • Studio:Helsinki / London
  • Team:Marketing
  • Relocation:Possible, contact
  • Remote work:Hybrid model of office and remote work
  • Working language:English

Working at Bou

When joining Bou, you'll get to work directly with our 150+ brands, ranging from early-stage companies to more established brands, universities, and nonprofits. And we really do mean directly – we don’t have key account managers or pure strategists at Bou. You'll become a part of an all-hands-on-deck team building brands through marketing, communications, design, and web development.

Your daily tasks

Our next marketing team member will have in-depth experience and hands-on skills either in (1) versatile copywriting, or (2) paid campaign management and optimisation. To be honest, we don’t know which profile we’re hiring next, but eventually we’ll need both. And for both profiles, we expect earlier experience in coming up with campaign concepts and creating campaign materials together with designers. Earlier experience in a creative agency is considered a plus.

Optimally, our next hire would also be ready to lead brand work for a client or two from the get-go: guaranteeing that our creative work is aligned with the brand, keeping the client happy, and managing projects in a smooth manner. So in other words, you would not be a pure copywriter or a pure campaign planner, but take on a bigger marketing role at Bou.

Skills we require

  • 5+ years of relevant work experience – Your past/current title might be something like marketing lead, copywriter, campaign planner, creative, digital marketer, or something similar. Having worked at an agency before is considered a plus.
  • Hands-on marketing skills – We expect you to be very good at EITHER (1) writing versatile copy, OR (2) planning, running, optimizing, and analyzing paid campaigns. We’re not looking for a pure copywriter or a pure campaign planner, but someone who can perform in that role independently when needed.
  • Campaign concepting skills – You know what a great campaign concept means and how to create one. We’re looking for someone who can take their work from slides to reality, and who understand that execution is where the concept comes alive. No extensive experience needed but a few work examples would be appreciated.
  • Context-savvy creativity – You understand different marketing channels and acknowledge their specific features in your creative work, including formats, placements, user behaviour, and other contextual factors that help or hinder conveying the message.
  • Ready to lead brand work – You don’t need a strategist or account manager to handle the client for you. Even if you had no earlier experience as such, you’d be up for the Brand Lead job: setting goals, communicating with the client, ensuring creative quality, defining our strategic approach, and keeping the client happy in the projects you work.
  • Quick-to-understand new industries – We build brands for a great variety of products, services, and companies – from mobile games and quantum computers to electronic performance cars and new textile materials.
  • Strong written and spoken English, native in internet – Nordic languages are an advantage but not a necessity, and having worked with international brands is considered a plus.

Benefits we offer

  • Occupational health care – Extensive occupational health care through our service provider.
  • Flexible work – Feel free to work from home or the office.
  • Birthday as a holiday – Paid one, of course.
  • Lunch vouchers – Lunch deduction through our service provider.
  • Phone subscription
  • Professional growth – Opportunity to join a growing team of professionals that won’t accept anything less than being world-class.


We acknowledge that finding a person who ticks every box is pretty challenging. That’s why we prefer an “If I don’t know, I’ll figure it out” attitude over having a perfectly matching CV & portfolio. We’ll keep updating this job description to match our current needs.

Note that this is an open application, and we’re not actively hiring just yet. But when we do, it would be very nice to have your open application in our hands. If you still have questions about the position please reach out to

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