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deidei is the DEI agency that helps key players from different industries reach their full potential. Their fundamental understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion as both a people case and a business case has made them a DEI agency of the day, so to say. We were thrilled to be chosen as the partner to upgrade their brand to match their ever-growing ambition. We paired a we-mean-business edge with deidei’s signature playfulness, creating a brand that’s credible without ever being stiff.


  • Brand renewal
  • Brand identity
  • Brand story
  • Visual identity
  • Verbal identity
  • Website content
  • Web design

Updating deidei’s brand to match their zappy ambition

deidei was after a brand refresh to reflect their growth in both company size and ambition, with the mammoth goal of creating a world where their services are no longer needed. To get it right, they needed a partner that would grasp the nuances and diverse sensitivities of DEI work, but also one that wouldn’t make deidei lose the vibrant, fun-loving brand personality for which they're widely known and loved among their clients.

The sweet spot between brand evolution and brand revolution

Our teams worked iteratively and in close collaboration to make sure the refreshed brand did justice to both deidei’s work and spirit. Through a candid, respectful relationship that allowed everyone in the room to voice their sincere thoughts and opinions, we found just the right balance of old and new. Some visual elements of the former identity jumped over to the new brand, and the verbal identity got a dash of polish on top of the existing, spirited tonality.

A play of shapes – refining and perfecting the visual identity

The new visuality is built around bold, varying shapes that come together in imaginative ways to form countless working combinations, symbolizing both the foreseen and unforeseen value of DEI work. The new typography conveys deidei’s hardcore professionalism, and it’s paired with a color palette that knows how to do business – but also knows not to skip play day.

Verbal identity: deidei’s story and how we tell it

We wanted the tone of voice to retain deidei’s joyous personality, but it also needed to exude sheer confidence and skill. Friendly headlines intertwine with meaningful content to form a symbiosis that doesn’t compromise. Through extensive background work we also defined deidei’s story to really hone in on the fearless nature of their work. deidei’s founders didn’t start the company because they wanted to – they started it because they had to.

Applying the identity into website design and website content

The updated visuality, tonality and brand story started to immediately live a life of their own beyond the brand book through a website upgrade. There is no compromise made between visual impressiveness and usability. The user experience and service display were designed with particularly new clients in mind to ensure they are as easy to grasp as possible, with top-notch accessibility as a priority.

“Bou wowed us with both their creativity and their skilled navigation through DEI topics.”

Jasmin assulin, CEO & Founding Partner at deidei