QDI Systems

QDI is a Netherlands-based deep tech company – the first in the world to bring the power of quantum dots to medical imaging. World-altering stuff, as quantum tech tends to be. With our minds blown, we’ve created their new brand identity by connecting the (quantum) dots into a mesmerizing visual identity and website design.


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A new brand for a Netherlands-based quantum tech company

QDI is building the World’s first x-ray detector component based on quantum dot technology. We connected those dots into a modern visual identity, including a minimalistic logo, tech-savvy typeface and high-contrast color palette. The round shapes and granular textures abstractedly demonstrate elements of the product – and ensure that the brand stands out from the competition.

QDI logo
QDI whitepaper

Deep tech calls for lean website design

The more complex the product, the simpler the website should be – at least in this case. QDI Systems is a spinoff company from the Zenike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen, so we wanted to honor their scientific roots. The whitepaper-inspired website uses minimalistic visuals to leave space for meticulous, technical copy.

QDI business card
QDI whitepaper

"If you need a stunning brand for a complex product, choosing Bou is a no-brainer."

Dr. Artem Shulga, Founder & CEO at QDI Systems

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