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Slush is the world’s leading startup event that operates in 29 countries and hosts annually more than 70 events with over 40,000 attendees. The Wall Street Journal describes it not just as an event but rather as a laboratory of new ideas. Bou founding team was responsible for the award-winning marketing, communications, PR and design of Slush in 2016-2017.


The World-famous “Nobody in Their Right Mind” -Banner

The entrance banner of Slush 2016 caused some serious buzz around the world. It instantly gained thousands of shares with a potential reach of over 270M people during the first two weeks. Just as planned.

The banner was praised in

“The best tourism poster ever.”

An Award-winning Website

At Slush, the website is considered as the first touchpoint of the unique event experience and designed to reflect its dark and mystic vibes. Yet, the website’s primary business goal is to sell tickets and to inform visitors without a single compromise with the brand. Eventually, it sold out the event in record time, was praised for its informativeness by our customers, and won multiple design awards.

”Witty ideas. Laser focus. Unforeseen attitude to execute.”

Marianne Vikkula (CEO of Slush 2016–2017)

The Best Print Cover of the Year

It says “Failure is not the...” on the back and “...end of the world” on the front. And when the largest newspaper in the Nordics states “end of the world” on its cover, it gets attention, creates urgency and wins awards. The brand message was praised by its target audience, tickets sold like it was the last day to get them (it was – with the current price), and Helsingin Sanomat awarded our work as its best print cover of the year in 2016.

Outdoor Countdown Campaign

We have all seen day counters but we have not all seen creative day counters – until now. The best thing about outdoor ads is the opportunity to localise them in their environment. Right?