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Blok is a fast-growing property tech company, listed as one of the hottest European startups by Wired. To challenge the market, Blok stands out not only with its award-winning product but also with its playful brand. A combination we really like.


  • Creative concepts
  • Brand campaign
  • Copywriting
  • Team extension

Sticking Blok into people’s minds via memorable TV ads

Blok is still a rather unknown challenger among traditional real estate agents. To increase Blok’s brand awareness, we came up with a memorable campaign concept. We took the relatable problem of "getting stuck with apartment sales" to the extreme and positioned Blok as the modern solution for it. Supported by social media ads and re-targeting clips, the campaign truly ear-wormed the whole country. Videos were produced in Sweden by IAM Production and localised to Finland by us.

Using famous riddles in a nation-wide outdoor campaign

The outdoor campaign’s objective was to raise awareness of how easy, affordable and simple it is to sell your apartment with Blok. In Finland, Blok’s primary market, there are several uniformly known proverbs for each of the value propositions. We thought: why not to use them as riddles and let people fill in the sentences? Eventually, these riddles teased apartment owners nation-wide.

A witty digital campaign where weird dreams came true

As advertising inside the property industry is rather traditional, a humorous attitude was welcomed. This campaign concept, designed and produced by us, communicates Blok’s value proposition promptly: “Sell your house with Blok. Save money to fulfil your dream”. The horse was called Stormy and it was her first photoshoot. Yikes.

A unique cut to the chase attitude

Rudi Skogman, CEO & Co-founder of Blok

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