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Compensate logo
Compensate brand imagery

Compensate is a nonprofit on a mission to combat climate change by offering everyone easy access to carbon capture. We gave their visual identity an upgrade as well as designed and developed a website our climate deserves. Because a carbon negative future is actually a very positive one – a goal we gladly work towards.


  • Art direction
  • Brand renewal
  • Web design
  • Website development

Upgrading visual identity to better address the B2B audience

We upgraded Compensate’s existing brand elements to make the brand more cohesive across all brand materials – with a special focus on their B2B offering. We were encouraged to work towards more humane imagery and lighter website layout. Now, Compensate appeals to both businesses and consumers, thanks to their approachable and down-to-earth look.

Lifting website's scalability with a dynamic CMS

The website called for some reorganizing, from the front and back. In addition to new website design, we also created a dynamic content management system (CMS) environment that is more intuitive and scalable for changing needs.

"Excellence in delivery combined with the right kind of can-do attitude."

Elina Kajosaari, CEO at Compensate

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