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Helsinki City

Helsinki has everything to make international tech talent feel at home. The problem is, they don’t know about the city’s most lucrative features. We have worked with the city’s marketing team to solve this issue through creative branding efforts. Our campaigns have resulted in 10,000+ candidates for local tech companies to hire, and for Helsinki to welcome as potential citizens.

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Helsinki Home-delivered – perfect city experience for the work-from-home era

When international tech talent can’t come to Helsinki, we put the city in a box and send it to them. That literally means putting Helsinki essentials into a branded box and delivering it wherever the lucky recipient lives. To get one of those (for free), we asked people to join a talent pool from where Helsinki-based tech companies could contact them regarding job opportunities.

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Branding Helsinki as the world’s first City as a Service (CaaS)

SaaS stands for Software as a Service and CaaS stands for City as a Service. Playing with this metaphor, we listed Helsinki’s top features, filthiest bugs, and craziest in-app purchases. Using the same tech-savvy narrative throughout the video and website, the campaign’s target audience felt we were talking their language. Notifications sent and received.

“Whenever we need fresh new perspective for branding Helsinki internationally, it’s Bou whom we call.”

– Laura Aalto, CEO at Helsinki Marketing