Kaffa Roastery

Kaffa Roastery is one of the leading Nordic micro-roasteries with an ambitious mission: to remove all the unnecessary middlemen from the global coffee industry. To join the journey, we planned, designed, and developed their new webshop from scratch.


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Precise handcraft and Nordic mystique by design

Kaffa Roastery’s brand is a unique combination of precise handcraft and Nordic mystique. We applied their controversial visual identity into a compatible website and webshop experience. Switching to a dark mode with yellow highlights and exciting imagery guarantees Kaffa to stand out from the coffee masses.

kaffa browser

Developed with modern web technologies

The whole website must feel like you’re shopping. Home-delivered coffee subscriptions should be purchased quick and easy like Sunday morning. Handcraft coffee deserves to be sold in a React.js-based webshop, using Stripe and server-side rendering it all with NextJS on Google Cloud Platform. Check, check, check.

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"High commitment, high performance. Bou delivered what we asked for – and more."

Svante Hampf, CEO & Founder of Kaffa Roastery


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