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Mainframe is the new North Star game company, formed by veteran game developers with AAA, MMO and mobile credentials. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Riot Games and the likes, the team is building an unannounced cloud-native MMO – “the game of a lifetime,” as they phrase it. Their brand reflects just that, and positions the studio for the age of cloud gaming.


  • Global launch
  • PR
  • Media relations
  • Employer branding
  • Web design
  • Website development

International PR to put spotlight on Mainframe’s biggest milestones (and open positions)

Launching the company and its mission in 2019, announcing their series A funding in 2020, and now closing their series B in 2021, have made Mainframe a frequent headliner in international media. And when this excitement has been channelled into social media and employer branding campaigns at the peak times, heads of veteran game industry talent have turned towards the many open positions Mainframe actively hires for. Partly thanks to this visibility, they have doubled their headcount during the past year or so.

Secretive yet credible website to raise expectations about their upcoming title

Mainframe’s website has oddly twisted Nordic vibes, created by dreamlike landscapes and toned down colors. The strong use of black, dark grey and white add good posture for the content itself, communicating clearly what’s up but leaving enough gaps to encourage visitors’ imagination. For example, the imagery might – or might not – be snatched from the game itself. We’ll see, right?

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