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Metacore is a strong candidate for becoming the next chart-topping game company from the Nordics. We have worked with Metacore since its inception: from first positioning exercises and global launch to continuous employer branding and player acquisition. Although this story is only at its “once upon a time” phase, expectations are sky-high for a reason.

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Launched and taking off: employer branding around the sense of urgency

Game industry is extremely competitive, especially when it comes to attracting the best talent. Metacore is currently positioned as a soon-to-be success story, hiring for its key roles now – not later. To make this sense of urgency palpable, and to pair it with the company’s unique culture, we have systematically communicated Metacore’s story through owned, paid and earned media: from creating the new website and running talent acquisition campaigns to making international headlines through PR & media relations. As a result, Metacore is already ringing many bells inside the industry.

A brand new website that grows with the company

Metacore’s company brand equals to employer brand – at least for the time being. We designed the new website keeping this in mind, focusing strictly on serving potential employees. Simple, easy-to-navigate content structure gives room for Metacore’s playful colors and shapes, and seamlessly guides visiting talent towards open positions and their apply-buttons. And as the company scales, so does the website: it was designed to be completely modular.

From global launch to ongoing creative partnership in user acquisition

After helping position Merge Mansion as a mysterious puzzle game and launching it globally, we’ve been busy generating new ideas for its user acquisition. Our story-driven stance for game ads differs from the traditional approach: instead of rough gameplay cuts, we thrive for creative scripts and emotional storytelling with our animation partners. Expect everything from “omg that’s so true!” to “wtf did I just watch?”

Media work recognized in

“A creative, talented, and professional team without a doubt. A world-class agency.”

Mika Tammenkoski, CEO & Co-founder at Metacore